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Rat Race – A short film story Video Pages 

Rat Race – A short film story

y to thrive even in traumatic situations due to the fact they may be by no means going to go away. disturbing situations simply keep changing. consuming and pills individuals who take tablets and alcohol are more susceptible to despair. while these substances are used at a young age, they are able to impact a someone‚Äôs mind in terrible approaches. these substances help make the character sense proper briefly, but in most cases, people end up addicted. tablets launch dopamine within the pleasure center of the brain. for example: delicious…

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The sad reality of our world Video Pages 

The sad reality of our world

The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk) By []Winston Wu Dear Reader, I am about to tell you some disturbing truths I’ve realized after meditating on them and studying various material from researchers for a long time. Now I have to warn you though, this is very disturbing and once you realize them, you will never look at the world and life the same away again. As they say “Once you see the prison bars, you cannot “unsee” them”. So read at your own…

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