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Napoleon Hill’s Dirty Secret (The Book You Never Read) Video Pages 

Napoleon Hill’s Dirty Secret (The Book You Never Read)

Hey there it’s Peter Antonov, the founder of Global Expert Space and yes in this video I’m going to show you Napoleon Hill’s “Dirty Little Secret”. Now you’ve probably seen all these videos online telling you yes you would learn the secret and then you watch the whole video and you pretty much learn nothing. But I promise you in this video I’ve got something that is… really shocked me when I learned it myself and this is why I’ve got all the facts right here. We would start first when Napoleon Hill actually met Andrew Carnegie who assigned him with the mission to develop and actually build the first philosophy of personal achievement . Then we would go every single year and all of Napoleon Hill’s books so that I uncover the secret that I believe is the dirty secret because see Napoleon Hill maybe purposefully but he never really shares this directly and very few people know about this.

I’ve spoken with a lot of Napoleon Hill’s fans who’ve read pretty much all the books but not this one. Right not this one right here where he actually shares these secrets. So I believe this is going to be really valuable for you. I honestly believe this is going to make a big difference for yourself and I can’t wait just to share this with you. So if you’re ready let’s give it a try. But before we continue together and dive into this I’d like to share with you one last thing. I personally have an enormous amount of respect for Napoleon Hill. Has it not been Napoleon Hill and his work, his philosophy of personal achievement I would probably not be here today with you. I would have not be building Global Expert Space with our team and helping experts position themselves online and helping experts package their knowledge creating online courses and market themselves more strategically. I would have not been able to build our previous company helping half a thousands students in Europe with their marketing I would have not been able to do it based on Napoleon Hill so I have an enormous amount of respect for Napoleon Hill but I was shocked and I was amazed when I learned this one thing so I feel obligated to share this with everybody in the Internet and you would decide for yourself if this is true or not.

I would share with you all the facts. Do we have a deal? Amazing, I’m excited. Okay, so let’s start from there. You probably know the story, right? Everyone who’s a fan of Napoleon Hill knows the story. Napoleon Hill was working for a magazine and he was very young at the time. This was 1908 and he had a chance to interview Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men back in the days, a philanthropist an industrialist and a magnat. Right, he was arguably the richest person at the time along with John D. Rockefeller and Napoleon Hill had a chance to interview him. And he interviewed him but then Andrew Carnegie told him this and Napoleon Hill shares from his own experience he said: “Andrew Carnegie asked me the following question ‘now young man would you commit with the responsibility to spend twenty years of your life to interview the most successful people of our time.

I’m going to introduce you to them. You’re going to interview them and you’re going to be the first philosopher in history practical philosopher to write the philosophy of personal achievement. You’re going to be the person who is going to write the philosophy of personal achievement so that all the people in the world know how to succeed and know how to achieve every single one of their goals and Napoleon Hill says his own story. “I was thinking for a…half of a second and eventually I decided to say yes and I said ‘Yes mr. Carnegie”, right in his own voice it’s pretty exciting and he agreed. Right, and 20 years later, this is very interesting. Check this out. 20 years later he writes his first book. Isn’t this amazing? He meets Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Andrew Carnegie then dies unfortunately in 1919 and twenty years later twenty years after his promise to spend twenty years of his life intervewing the most successful people he actually writes his first book Many of you know what is the first book is called.

It’s called The Law of Success, right. Yes or no Right here Okay, now what happens to write another book. Now I don’t have the time to share all the books You can check them out online but then in 1937 he writes another book which is the most famous book he has ever wrote. Which one is that? ”Think and Grow Rich”, you’ve got this right. Right, ”Think ad Grow Rich”. Now here’s the interesting thing… I see a lot of famous speakers and I see a lot of business people recognize business people say now ”Think and Grow Rich” is not the is not the best book by Napoleon Hill, it’s actually “The Law of Success” and they might be correct because yes, “Think and Grow Rich” was a bestseller and “Think and Grow Rich” really catapulted Napoleon Hill’s career Okay, it was a bestseller all over the world “Think and Grow Rich” and you can say this is the book that made Napoleon Hill rich and a lot of people say now the “The Law of Success” is a better book because it actually summarizes and pretty much not summarizes but gives you really in detail the 17 principles of success while “Think and Grow Rich” tells you how to really achieve a financial goal and doesn’t really go over all of the principal.

So, they say ”The Law of Success” is a better book and that is correct. I agree with them ”The Law of Success” is a better book. But… here’s the big thing. I’ve seen very few people, I count them in my left hand and I found them online I didn’t even meet them live. You know because live one knows about this and it’s amazing Now Napoleon Hill has 11 books. I am going to ask you the following question. Have you heard about a book called ”How to Raise your Own Salary”? Have you heard about it? I haven’t until a year and a half ago, I haven’t. It’s called ”How to Raise your Own Salary” and it’s written in 1953 …and I’ll tell you the secret in a second here.

It will blow your mind. You won’t even believe it… it’s that crazy. Now, I’ve never read this book. Why do you think I’ve never read this book? Why do you think you have never read this book? Probably you, like me are an entrepreneur so you see a book ”How to Raise your Own Salary” I don’t care because I’m an entrepreneur see I don’t have a salary so I don’t care. This was my mindset at least.

Right, so you are probably thinking you’ve seen this book but you’re probably thinking ” oh, this book is not your property get on this book is not important for me because it speaks about a salary”. But you know what? I went into an antique store here in San Diego, California and saw this book. It was 45$ , only. And this is the first edition book so I was like ”Oh my God, this is a first edition, it has a signature right here, you know, and it’s wow, it’s amazing, you can check this out.

I was so excited and I was like ”let me buy the book, I’ll read it” And I started reading the book. It’s a 1953, the first edition. And guess what I find in this book. You know what I find? I find…and this is a big secret it will blow your mind, in this book I find the first pretty much not the first intrview but in this book I find Napoleon Hill interviewing Andrew Carnegie the very person who assigned him with the mission to create the philosophy of personal achievement So, this book Napoleon Hill lays out the whole interview that Andrew Carnegie gives him- how to become successful. And you know what? If you read this book you’ll see that the interview that Napoleon Hill did with Andrew Carnegie even before he wrote ”The Law of Success”, even before he did his 20 years of research, even before he went out there and he interviewed Thomas Edison, he interviewed Henry Ford, he interviewed Alexander Graham Bell even before he interviewed all these people and even before he learned about the philosophy of personal achievement, Andrew Carnegie gave Napoleon Hill all the all but one principal, one principal Napoleon Hill actually found himself.

But Andrew Carnegie gave him all the 16 principles back in the days even before he did his 20 years of research. Isn’t this crazy? Like this is amazing, like I don’t know if you realize how big this is. Alright, if you buy the book you’ll see, right in the book okay and now this is why this is so amazing. Okay, this is what happens. Most people think that Napoleon Hill spent 20 years of his life from 1908 to 1928 and going out there and and you know have an interviews with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt had an interviews with all these people and based on the interviews he’s laying down the 17 principles of success. This is what you probably think… but that is not correct. Based on this book and based on what Andrew Carnegie says Napoleon Hill says this in his own book but he purposefully called it ”How to Raise you Own Salary” so it’s not that obvious, so that no one knows about it Now, I respect Napoleon Hill but I mean this here is a little bit weird, isn’t it? This is what happens in the book, you see Andrew Carnegie telling him all the principles in advance, like check this out, the first principle- Develop definiteness of purpose.

Second principle- Use the mastermind principle. Number three- develop an attractive personality. Number four- employ applied faith. Andrew Carnegie explains to him all the principles in details so the only thing Napoleon Hill had to do is he had to go and interview all of this people and say… “All the wisdom that I’ve got down from Andrew Carnegie is this true or not so people just have to agree”. So Napoleon Hill wasn’t the one person actually laying out all the principles and pretty much figuring them our… it was Andrew Carnegie who gave them all. In fact, in this book Andrew Carnegie says himself” I’ve built all those material riches in my life and what happens is that I’ve became the richest person in the world next to John D Rockefeller and now I’m trying to give as much money away without doing any harm and that’s why I’m building all those libraries and all those establishments to help people but half of my riches are in my wisdom, is my wisdom about how you can get anything that’s why I want you to share this philosophy of personal achievement.

So Andrew Carnegie, himself was the one who built the philosophy of personal achievement. He gave it to Napoleon Hill back in the days even before he wrote his first book “The Law of Success” and Napoleon Hill in 1953 writes a book called ”How to Raise your Salary” where he pretty much lays out the whole interview. And you know what? I love Napoleon Hill. If it wasn’t him we wouldn’t be here me and you today probably. I don’t know how successful you are based on him, but he has helped me so enormously much. But you know what is crazy That Andrew Carnegie explains the principles of success, I believe, better than Napoleon Hill. You know, if you read this book you’ll say ”Oh my God, this is so much better than “The Law of Success” Now I want to challenge you, go on Amazon, check this book and you’ll see the comments in this book and it has only around 15 comments, depending on when you’re watching this video. Probably many people would actually check this out and you’ll see so many people saying ”Oh my God, I can’t believe Andrew Carnegie gave him the philosophy of personal achievement even before he actually kind of figure it out himself.

You know what I mean and you would put a much see for yourself after you read this book that this is the best possible book that you can ever read. Hands down there is no other book that is better than this one. You can buy it, you can read it, you can study it. This can be your Bible or any other religious book that you read every single day or whatever right… and this can be your book. This is the book that is going to help you,I believe, to achieve anything because it’s so much like 10 x better than ”The law of Success” and ”Think and Grow Rich”.

So, this is Napoleon Hill’s Dirty Secret. I don’t know how you feel about this…Now, it took me a lot of time to kind of make sure about this and what I’m speaking here are 100 percent facts. You can check the dates for yourself, you can check the names of the books for yourself and I pretty much hope that you you’re going to read the book because this is the best book that you can read. Now, if you found this video valuable I would really enjoy if you like our page on Facebook, if you to subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Now, probably not all videos are going to apply to you because what we’re doing is we’re helping authors, speakers, trainers, bloggers, online marketers how to position themselves online as an expert’s, right. How to package their knowledge more strategically, how to create online courses and products like this so that they can make a bigger difference they can promote their own knowledge they can monetize their own knowledge kind of like Napoleon Hill,right… he was selling his own knowledge, and so we are really helping those people so I don’t know if you are in this category and you benefit it a lot from everything we’re doing but if not I would like if you subscribe to this video, if you liked the video, if you let me know in the comments below how do you feel…

I mean, did you know about this? Did you get a lot of value from this video? Are you excited? Are you shocked? Are you going to read this book? Did you know about this? I mean I just want to hear your thoughts because I was shocked when I learned this and I really wanted to share this with you. So, I hope you’ve got a lot of value from it, I hope I’ll see you as a subscriber and I’ll see you again in the future. Thank you so much! You can check us out in Global Expert Space and I can’t wait to see you in another video, Bye, Bye.

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