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Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings Uncategorized 

Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings

War itself is a monster. However, across the centuries there have been reports by soldiers of actual monsters in the theatre of war. Some experienced fighters even claim that they have been reduced to primal panic and dread when faced with creatures that, in their mind, should not exist. According to the following accounts, it seems that soldiers deployed on the battlefield may just have more to fear than simply the human enemy. A relatively recent report of a wartime monster sighting comes from an anonymous US Army special forces…

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Donald Trump – Night of Nights Uncategorized 

Donald Trump – Night of Nights

Mr. Trump, uhh, it has not escaped anybody’s notice, that you say that the Mexican government Is sending criminals, rapists, drug dealers, across the border Governer Bush has called those remarks both extraordinarily IDIOTLY I’d like you to you’re right next to him Talk to him directly, and say, how you respond to that. The fact is we need build a wall I would build a great wall Nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. (Expect Stingy) I will build a yuge great wall (WHY) Yuge Tremendous Wall Yuge…

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