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✡ Believe in God in 5 Minutes (Scientific Proof) Video Pages 

✡ Believe in God in 5 Minutes (Scientific Proof)

my name is Gerald Schroeder I have I have a thing called a strong science background from MIT mastery since they take me instead of technology bachelor’s master’s PhD seven years in the physics staff seen a whole range of atomic bombs detonated moved to Israel met my wife Barbara so for a great writer and then teach Torah and science luckily I’m lucky that I have the two that come together and one of the questions is a song that I’m asked as a scientist is how can a scientist really believe that there’s something what we refer to you say is God you know is this metaphysical whatever acting in the world or producing the world the irony is the questions really a non-starter science has in fact discovered God and you can talk to the hardline atheist and they will say it looks like science has indeed discovered God and how would that be well if you take the trouble of going to the web and and they’re typing WMAP the initials for it for a satellite it’s a diagram that shows the development of the universe from the creation over time it’s a timeline every word on that diagram comes from the NASA site it is the condensed knowledge of the scientific community of how the universe created and how it got to where we are today each of the lines the vertical lines is another billion years okay we start from a burst of energy at the extreme left side of the diagram and you end up at the far end with over the ovals is to indicate expansion or all directions of course because it’s a timeline we can’t show that on a single piece of paper we see here most amazingly that on the extreme left edge it shows a beginning to the universe now go back to us in 50 years if I were teaching that a tech I might have in person whose tenure say if there was a creation to the universe it sounds like it’s Bible because Aston 50 years ago the overwhelming scientific opinion was the universe is eternal there was never a beginning the Bible is wrong from the very first sentence and then we discovered suddenly Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson the Bell Labs in New Jersey the northeast of the US discovered the echo of the Big Bang the energy left over which George Gamow 60 years ago predicted that if there had been a universe is created hot and small it would have exploded and the energy we get more and more dilute and and Penzias and Wilson these Arno Penzias Robert Wilson discover this energy that had been predicted overnight the Bible got it right there is a beginning to the universe now the black in the diagram is nothing it’s not a vacuum vacuums are within that diagram within that cone of expansion back vacuums are empty space and space is something the black of the paper around the diagram is nothing it doesn’t fit in our human brain because humans think in a box a box made of time space and matter / energy no human as clever as they might be as expansive as they might be thinks out of that box so we say outside that diagram is nothing that you use the words but we can’t conceive of nothing doesn’t fit in the human brain how are we going to have this idea is there God or not notice that the creation force isn’t a three-letter word g.o.d if you look at the words carefully say quantum fluctuations that understanding was first brought down by a tyrant brilliant human being in the journal Nature almost 40 or 50 or 40 years ago the universe allows creation of something from nothing provided you have the laws of nature the quantum fluctuation triune realized any published in the journal Nature one of the two leading periods your new journals in the world that you can create something from absolute nothing provided you’ve got the laws of nature quantum physics and the laws of relativity in other words make the laws of nature so look what science is discovered we can create the universal absolute nothing provided we have the the forces of nature now the laws of nature the forces of nature aren’t physical they act on the physical so if they create the universe that means they predate the universe so now we have a set of forces we call them the laws of nature that are not physical that are able to act on the physical they create the physical from absolute nothing and they predate the universe which means they predate our understanding of time put that together it sounds very familiar if you haven’t noticed it that’s the biblical definition of God there’s only one new onsets list left left hanging we can talk about it another time perhaps is that which created the universe those forces active in the Earth’s but up to that point science says we Brooke you are correct that the definition of the biblical God is predates time outside of time God is not a physical being is a force and it creates the universe you’ll notice that the opening chapter of Genesis the only name for God is Elohim God as manifest in the universe science has indeed discovered the biblical God or we just need one part left crucial that which created the universe is also active in the universe itself that are affected you’re watching this now pretty much established at that point you

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