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✡ Believe in God in 5 Minutes (Scientific Proof) Video Pages 

✡ Believe in God in 5 Minutes (Scientific Proof)

my name is Gerald Schroeder I have I have a thing called a strong science background from MIT mastery since they take me instead of technology bachelor’s master’s PhD seven years in the physics staff seen a whole range of atomic bombs detonated moved to Israel met my wife Barbara so for a great writer and then teach Torah and science luckily I’m lucky that I have the two that come together and one of the questions is a song that I’m asked as a scientist is how can a…

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The Strangest Structures Built Around the World! Video Pages 

The Strangest Structures Built Around the World!

Here are some of the strangest structures built around the world! 10 – Habitat 67, Montreal Back in 1967, Canada was probably filled with excitement with the millions of visitors that had come to Expo 67, which was a Category One World’s Fair with 62 nations participating. One of the prime objectives was to showcase to the world a housing project designed by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshie Safdie. The government-funded project was called Habitat 67, which was a modern take on the urban housing that Canadians were used to see around…

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World’s Funniest Engineering Fails Video Pages 

World’s Funniest Engineering Fails

building blunders construction mistakes that are too obvious for words number 57 this whole project is about to go off the rails let’s hope these tracks are not in use fifty-six extremely bumpy ramp the ability to grow legs may be useful for this 155 we let’s take the fast way down great job accommodating the disabled because clearly all wheelchairs come equipped with bumpers to stop you from flying into the street 54 this house is perfect it has parking for my non-existent helicopter 53 and the best curtains…

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consumerism – what is consumerism?: the story of consumerism Video Pages 

consumerism – what is consumerism?: the story of consumerism

7 Must-Haves for Embracing Consumerization of IT By []Pragati Jain Consumerization of IT is a new phenomenon hitting the work places and various reports and statistics indicate that this trend is here to stay. The reason is simple. These technologies are simple to use, have intuitive features and loads of reference documents are available in the Internet. In other words, the learning curve is shortened. As employees continue to use these mobile consumer technologies for work, IT administrators must harness the power of this new trend to their benefit. Its…

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The sad reality of our world Video Pages 

The sad reality of our world

The Disturbing Truth About Your Life (Warning – Read at Your Own Risk) By []Winston Wu Dear Reader, I am about to tell you some disturbing truths I’ve realized after meditating on them and studying various material from researchers for a long time. Now I have to warn you though, this is very disturbing and once you realize them, you will never look at the world and life the same away again. As they say “Once you see the prison bars, you cannot “unsee” them”. So read at your own…

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How To Be Happy – THE TRUTH – the only way you’re ever going to be happy animated Dreams 

How To Be Happy – THE TRUTH – the only way you’re ever going to be happy animated

In order to understand how to be happy we need to look at how we think there are three different ways we react to everything around us the first is by wanting were brought up in a culture where we’re told that we need to obtain something or reach a certain goal in order to be happy oh we need to get that new phone we need to get a bigger TV we need to get that promotion we need to take a picture of this meal and put it…

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Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings Uncategorized 

Terrifying Wartime Monster Sightings

War itself is a monster. However, across the centuries there have been reports by soldiers of actual monsters in the theatre of war. Some experienced fighters even claim that they have been reduced to primal panic and dread when faced with creatures that, in their mind, should not exist. According to the following accounts, it seems that soldiers deployed on the battlefield may just have more to fear than simply the human enemy. A relatively recent report of a wartime monster sighting comes from an anonymous US Army special forces…

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Best Salesman in the World RTD Quiz 

Best Salesman in the World

it all do that then you hold is the other hand you’ve got those nobody counted some you never the kids’ll eat the vegetable of the content when you peel a potato it doesn’t matter whether you’re right-handed left-handed like a all you take up that potato or any other fruit and vegetable is a thin layer of skin you’ve got their weights you do it back all the time you come to an eye you scoop it out versus scoop everybody’s got one like this they take too long…

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This Under Water Drone Video Pages 

This Under Water Drone

There’s this place called the Underwater Museum where there are a bunch of statues buried down to kind of help, you know, the wildlife and stuff under the ocean. Normally when I review drones, they are the kind of drones that fly around in the air. Today, we have an underwater drone that films things underwater in 4K. It should be pretty interesting. So after we check out the footage, we’ll take the drone apart and see what the water protection is actually like. Let’s get started. [Intro] One of…

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Lies Parents Tell Kids That You Still Believe Video Pages 

Lies Parents Tell Kids That You Still Believe

in pop culture school and a million other places we’re always being told what to do it’s a life hack here an old wives tale there everybody seems to know the right thing for you but the thing is they don’t it’s usually not on purpose but a lot of times the info people give you just isn’t right luckily the hub has your back this time here are the 10 lies that you still believe before your mind gets totally blown be sure and subscribe to our Channel and…

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